• Designation of leading technology protection companies (large, small and medium-sized enterprises, and agricultural and fishery cooperation foundations)
  • Designation of excellent products (SWID2)
  • Accreditation of performance-sharing companies (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
  • Leading company for learning-oriented field training (Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education)
  • Agreement on Participation in the Project of the apprenticeship school (Daejeon Electronic Design High School)
  • Business agreement NDA & MOU signed (Damstech Co., Ltd.)
  • Designation of innovative procurement products (1 type: SWID-Quad)
  • Designation of innovative procurement products (1 type: XeFi)
  • Business Innovation Small and Medium Business (Main-Biz) Certification
  • Selection of leading industrial convergence companies (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
  • Industry Convergence Innovation Item Selection (3 Types: Camera Image Stabilization System for Micro UAVs)
  • Technical Rating Certification T-3 (Nice D&B)
  • Software Quality Certification (GS) Level 1 (Flight Control Equipment RCS-3000)
  • Designation of promising companies to enter overseas procurement markets for "G-PASS" (Procurement Service)
  • Venture Business Certification (R&D Type)
  • Patent Registration for Acquisition of Image Information with Improved Precision (Patent Office)
  • Family-Friendly Certification (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
  • Delivery of drones
     (Product : SWID (2), GCS (1), Place of delivery : Korea Hydro & Nuclear Research Institute)
  • Delivery of small drone systems for mission purposes
      (Product : XeFi (2), Place of delivery : Central Korea Development Seocheon Construction Headquarters)
  • Delivery of military drones
      (Product : SWID (00), GCS (00))
  • Certification of small and medium-sized enterprises with innovative technology
  • Awarded the Minister of Science, Technology, Information and Communication
     (Embedded SW parts : GCS-2000)
  • Quality Management System Certification
  • Winning the Gold Prize at the 1st Innovation Procurement Contest (Procurement Service)
  • Prime Minister's Award (Public Procurement Innovation Company)
  • Patent registration of gimbal control method using screen touch method (Patent Office)
  • Smart Factory Certification
  • Participation in the development of mobile communication infrastructure technology for communication disaster and emergency rescue
  • Delivery of reconnaissance and surveillance drones to eliminate blind spots
     (Product: SWID (2), Place of delivery : Korea Central Power Corporation)
  • Urban Development Association drone delivery
     (Product: SWID (1))
  • 2020 Combat Experiment Small Reconnaissance Drone Delivery
     (Product: SWID (30), GCS (20))
  • Delivery of structural drones
     ((Product : SWID (2), Place of delivery : Gyeongsangnam-do fire department)
  • delivery of military drones
     (Product : SWID (107), GCS (37))
  • Patent Registration for Precision Elevator Control System for Unmanned Aeroplanes Using Altitude Meter (Patent Office)
  • Designate Innovation Procurement Products
  • Participated in the project to develop a projectile small drone system
  • Selected promising small and medium-sized enterprises in Daejeon
  • Delivery of drones to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
     (Product : SWID (18), Place of delivery : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
  • Delivery of drone for obstacle indicator light inspection service
     (Product : SWID (2), Place of delivery : Korea Transportation Safety Authority)
  • Delivery of drones for port monitoring
     (Product : SWID (2), Place of delivery : ULSAN Port Authority)
  • Delivery of disaster drones
     (Product : SWID (1), Place of delivery : Sacheon City Hall)
  • Delivery of drones for inspection of public sewer pipes
     (Product : SWID(1), Place of delivery : GWANGJU Urbain Managerment Corporation)
  • Family-friendly corporate certification
  • Korea's first drone to be designated as an outstanding product
     (SWID, SWID-ex, SWID-tether)
  • Supply of drone for educational purpose
     (Product : XeFi (6), SWID (1), Place of delivery : Army)
  • Participation in projects to build and operate unmanned aerial vehicle convergence systems in response to public safety (Ministry of Public Safety)
     (Development of common platform technology for multicopter unmanned aerial vehicles for disaster and security)
  • Participate in the project to develp UAV for disaster
  • Selcted as an industry convergence leading company and item.
      (item: Small gimbal for image tracking - ‘Aris View 085’)
  • Public Innovation Procurement-linked Small unmanned technology development support project (Future Ministry, Public Procurement Service)
     Head of Future Leading Technology Development Project for Unmanned Mobile Vehicles
  • Supply of drone for combat experiment
     (Place of delivery : Army)
  • Supplied drone for disaster
     (Seoul Fire and Disaster Headquarters)
  • Selcted as an industry convergence leading company and item.
     (item: Small gimbal for image tracking - ‘Aris View 085’)
  • Patent registration for multi-rotor type small aircraft (Patent Office)
  • Development of small gimbal for image tracking
  • Supply gimbal system for battalion military UAV.
  • Transfer of technology about Image tracking algorithm
  • Development of small flight robot and waterproof type gimbal
  • Implementation of the automatic-flying robot supply project
  • Small gimbal patent registration with camera (Patent Office)
  • Patent registration for unmanned aerial vehicles that are easy to land (Patent Office)
  • Patent Registration for Controlling Cameras with Mobile Devices (Patent Office)
  • Established a subsidiary research institute
  • Success automatic flight in Daejeon to Seoul via LTE communications using remote control.
  • Implementation of the automatic-flying robot supply project
  • Development of test UAV for small metal fuel cell
  • Development of wired multi-copter and Separated multi-copter
  • Development of micro-small remote control system for Unmanned robots
  • Certification of Venture company
  • Small UAV Combat Experiment Service (Army)
  • Establish corporate body – NES&TEC Co.,Ltd.
  • Development of portable GCS
  • Anti-aircraft defense system fixed wing aircraft development and rotor helicopter development
     (Supervising agency: Samsung Thales, support organization:Agency for Defense Development)
  • Development of camera image stabilization system for UAV
  • Patent Registration of Flight Height Control Devices for Unmanned Aircraft (Patent Office)
  • ARIS-STORM: Dokdo exploration shuttle flight success
     (450km/4hours and 35minutes flight, the longest-distance UAV flight record in Republic of Korea)
  • Success automatic flight using a helicopter with own developed sensors and system
  • Ground Control System development
  • Flight Control System development