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  • Daejeon City Promotes the Establishment of a Business Finance-oriented Bank Headquartered in Daejeon

    -Excerpts from the article -■CMB Daejeon Broadcasting News<Reed>Daejeon City formed a committee to establish a corporate finance-oriented bank headquartered in Daejeon and held a launching ceremony. <Articles>The committee was co-chaired by Yoon Chang-hyun, a member of the National Assembly, and Chung Tae-hee, chairman of the Daejeon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and consisted of a total of 27 other members.The establishment of Daejeon-based corporate finance-centered bank is a regional pledge project of Yoon Seok-yeol's government and a core pledge of Daejeon-si, and aims to establish a customized corporate support financial institution based in Daejeon.Source :

    date 22.08.08

  • Korea Robot Industry Association to Hold 'Daejeon Robot Leaders Forum'

    *Excerpts from the contents of the articleThe Daejeon Robot Leaders Forum was attended by executives and employees of 10 local robot companies, including Nes & Tec CEO Lee Ki-sung, Rastek (CEO Sung Nak-yoon), Magentarobotics (CEO Kwon Ki-hyun), Comizoa (CEO Min Kyung-hoon), Twini (CEO Kim Hong-seok), Hagisonic (CEO Kim Byung-ho), Head of Future Industry in Daejeon, Director Woo Jun-ho, and Director of the Korea Center....Source:

    date 22.08.08

  • Airport lights check paradigm changes

    *Excerpts from the contents of the articleOn the 15th, the Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Agency (CEO Seok Young-chul, hereinafter referred to as KIAT) visited Nes & Tec (CEO Lee Ki-sung), a company specializing in unmanned aerial vehicle systems, unmanned navigation and control systems, to check the status and difficulties of the project.Nes & Tec has been developing products to expand its business to the aviation safety market after mainly supplying drones for disaster and military missions, and has been participating in KIAT's R&D project since this year to demonstrate products and secure markets.Through this, it is expected to create a new market in the aviation safety sector through innovative procurement-linked R&D projects that develop technologies based on demand from the public sector and support related products and services to enter the procurement market....Source :

    date 22.08.08

  • 2022 Advanced Defense Industry Exhibition in Daejeon

    *Excerpts from the contents of the articleGuests and participants are watching the products of defense companies at the 2022 Advanced Defense Industry Exhibition held at Daejeon Convention Center in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon on the 15th. ...Source:

    date 22.08.08

  • Daejeon drone company to supply 12 billion won worth of drone to Army | TJB Daejeon, Sejong, Chungnam News

    Nes&Tec, a leading drone company in the region, has decided to supply 12 billion won worth of drones to the Army.Daejeon City evaluated that this contract, the largest contract since 2013, not only proves the technology of a local drone company but also shows that it can develop and sell drones in Daejeon.Daejeon City enacted an ordinance to foster and support the unmanned aerial vehicle industry in 2017, and created a drone park in 2019 where companies can freely conduct flight experiments.Source:

    date 22.08.08

  • Daejeon City's flagship drone company supplies 12 billion won worth of drones

    *Extract from the contents of the articleDaejeon City's initiative to create a drone industry ecosystem is showing tangible results, with Daejeon's leading drone company supplying 12 billion won worth of drones.Daejeon City announced on the 11th that Ness & Tech has been selected for the alert drone purchase project and will supply 12 billion won worth of drones....Source:

    date 22.05.20

  • [Daejeon News] [CMB intensive discussion] Increasing utilization of service robots such as autonomous driving··· Daejeon Robot Industry's Future

    -Excerpt from the article-■CMB Daejeon Broadcasting News<Announcer> Due to the prolonged COVID-19, the non-face-to-face environment is strengthening. Accordingly, the range of robot applications in various fields such as delivery and logistics is increasing. In the CMB intensive discussion, an in-depth discussion was held under the theme of "Launching a Robot Demonstration Project, the Future of the Robot Industry in Daejeon." Reporter Jung Won-ki on the report.<Reporter> Last year, the global service robot market was worth about 8 trillion won.According to the International Robot Federation, the related robot industry has grown 12% as the non-face-to-face environment has recently expanded due to the influence of COVID-19.Accordingly, the CMB intensive discussion continued under the theme of "Launching a Robot Demonstration Project, the Future of the Robot Industry in Daejeon" to find the direction to move forward.In particular, the robot industry has been centered on manufacturing,In the future, it is predicted that the service robot market will grow further with software development. Source: Cable CMB YouTube,

    date 22.05.20

  • Ministry of Industry, Small and Medium-sized 'Leading Future Industrial Convergence Innovation'.32 midsize businesses selected

    -Excerpt from the article-It held the "2021 Industrial Convergence Innovation Items and Leading Companies Selection Ceremony" and announced 89 "Innovation Items" and 32 "leading companies" that will lead future industrial convergence innovations. ...If it is selected as an innovative item, it will be included in the 'Priority Purchase Item for Small and Medium Enterprise Technology Development Products' The Ministry of SMEs and Startups' excellent procurement products, the Ministry of National Defense's excellent commercial products test-use items, and KOTRA's overseas entry cycle support targets, etcreceive preferential treatment when selectingLINK: The Herald Economy,

    date 22.05.20

  • NES & TEC - Baekseok University Signs MOU with Unmanned Air Companies

    Source: from the article-Baekseok University announced on the 27th that it signed an agreement with NES&Tec, a drone system company, and an industry-academic cooperation agreement with consulting companies specializing in ship safety management at the main floating meeting room on the 29th.According to the university, it will cooperate with the government and public institutions in the unmanned aerial vehicle sector, develop and research cooperation in developing and researching drone education curriculum, supporting flight test beds such as airfield facilities, and improvement measures.Lee Ki-sung, CEO of Nes & Tech, said, "If the two organizations jointly participate in various projects in the unmanned aviation sector supported by public institutions, we will be able to create strong synergy," adding, "Let's activate exchanges for national development and the development of both institutions."...

    date 22.05.20

  • Jung-woo Kim, head of the Public Procurement Service, said, "Expanding pilot purchases of innovative products"Integrated support for K-quarantine strengthens overseas expansion."

    -Excerpt from the article-NES&TEC's small drone system for missions can also be cited as a representative innovative product. The product is a multipurpose drone system that can be carried and operated by one person through the unification of a data/video communication system. It was designated as an innovative prototype in 2019 and was used on a trial basis by Korea Airports Corporation and Chungbuk Fire Department. In particular, its own programs can be used to prevent data leakage and strengthen security to guard major military and national facilities.Source:

    date 22.05.20

  • 2021 Local Drone Company to hold a meeting of candid meeting

    On 03/10/20, 2021 NES&TECH headquarters held 'Haesimtanhoe with 2021 local drone companies'.Daejeon Mayor Huh Tae-jung and many other drone industry officials attended.We had a time to talk about the drone industry trends and current status of Daejeon Metropolitan City through the 'Heosimtanhoe'.The Korea Association of Unmanned Systems, run by CEO Lee Ki-sung of NES&Tec Co., Ltd., gives us the drone industry development.I delivered a plaque of appreciation to Daejeon Mayor Heo Tae-jung.

    date 21.05.13

  • Daejeon Metropolitan City's promising small and medium-sized enterprise tour article

    This is a tour article conducted by the Geumgang Ilbo after being selected as a promising small and medium-sized company in Daejeon 2019.It was a pleasant interview because reporter Kwak Jin-sung led it enthusiastically!Let me ask of your attention.

    date 21.05.13

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