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  • NES & TEC - DAMSTECH Business Agreement NDA & MOU signed

    On February 24, 2022, we signed an NDA & MOU business agreement with DamTech.We expect DAMSTECH's various security and anti-drone technologies and strong synergy to enhance its capabilities.Please give us a lot of attention and support in our footsteps.Thank you.

    date 22.05.20

  • MOU signed on 'Development of Automatic Inspection System for Aeronautical Lighting Facilities Using Drone'

    -Excerpt from the article-On August 26, Korea Airports Corporation signed a business agreement with Ness & Tech and Yuyang Industrial Co., Ltd. to develop an "automatic inspection system for aviation lighting facilities using drones." With the signing of this agreement, the three companies agreed to cooperate with each other in the development of systems and automatic inspection systems for aviation lighting facilities using drones such as test flights and video analysis, and about 2.2 billion won, including government resources, will be invested and completed by 2022....(Briefly)Source: Security News Reporter Mi-young Park,

    date 22.05.20

  • [Broadcasting Appearance] Special 14th Anniversary Documentary Trilogy [#Drone Heroes: National Representative] Part 3 - Flying Drone, Flying Talent / YTN Science

    (In May 2021, YTN Science's request for cooperation uploaded the footage on YouTube.)A single gas cannot fly. Now the challenge for us is software technology! Precision positioning technology, navigation technology, posture control technology, and image processing technology have now become a competition venue for the fourth industrial technology. We can't delay training drone software talent for a moment. From young talents who participated in the most historical drone competition in Korea to dreamers who control drones with coding, they are going to meet future drone heroes.#DroneHeroes #Drone #NationalCelebration #SpecialDocumentary #K-DroneHeroes #211001DroneHeroes: National Representative Part 3 Flying Drone, Flying Talent YTN Science YouTube Channel< 14:00 ~ 18:48 >[Screen capture] Please click the play button to watch the video *^^*

    date 22.05.20

  • Publicity of 'Innovative Products' on SNS of Public Procurement Service

    Hello. The Public Procurement Service uploaded the promotional news on SNS to promote 'Innovation Procurement Products'. The promotional news of Nes & Tech's innovative product "XeFi" has also been uploaded, so please pay a lot of attention. : facebook Twitter

    date 22.05.20

  • NES & TEC Signs MOU for Industry-Academic Cooperation at Baekseok University

    In July 2021, we signed an industry-academic cooperation agreement with Baekseok University. It creates strong synergy by jointly participating in various projects in the unmanned aerial vehicle field supported by public institutionsWe will promote exchanges for the development of the country and the development of both organizations. Please give us a lot of attention and support in our footsteps. Thank you!

    date 22.05.20

  • [NES & TEC] Interview video of the 2021 Roundabout of Innovative Procurement Area

    This is an interview video of the "Innovation Procurement Regional Tour Exhibition" held three times in June 2021.Thank you so much for filming and editing for the 'Innovative Prototype Promotion Interview Video' by the Public Procurement Service. We will continue our active promotional activities using the video.Thank you ^^

    date 22.05.20

  • Visit to the Ombudsman for Industrial Convergence Promotion

    On July 21, 2021,Ombudsman officials from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy visited our companyWe talked about 'Understanding the regulatory difficulties in the drone field and how to solve them'. Related Links: (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)Thank you for visiting^^

    date 22.05.20

  • Procurement Service official YouTube promotional video.

    In March, for the introduction video of XwFi (Drone), an innovative prototype of Ness & Tech Co., Ltd.,Procurement Director, Actor Kim Bosung, and YouTuber Dan & Joel visited our headquarters. The director of the procurement agency explained the introduction of the innovative product (XeFi) directly to actor Kim Bo-sung,It's an honor to be able to produce a video and promote it to many people.

    date 21.05.13

  • Awarded Prime Minister for Public Innovation Procurement

    NES&TEC Co., Ltd. contributed to the development of the nation's society through public procurement innovation.이 표창은, 지난 2020년 11월에 개최되었던 '제 1회 혁신조달 경진대회'에서 '금상'을 수상하여 받게되었습니다. 코로나19로 인해, 별도의 시상식은 이루어지지 않았으나,조달청장님께서 직접 당사 본사에 내방하시어 '표창장과 수치'를 전달해주셨습니다. 앞으로도 꾸준히 성장하는 1등 기업이 되도록 노력하겠습니다. 

    date 21.05.13

  • First Innovation Procurement Competition, Gold Prize.

    On November 23, 2020, the "1st Innovation Procurement Contest" was held at Pangyo Techno Valley Startup Campus.It was a place where we could directly check the results of the Procurement Service's core project, 'Innovation Procurement', this year.At the competition, 35 cases of public institutions and 24 cases of innovative companies were received, and only four institutions that passed the first written examination advanced to the finals. Due to Corona 19, attendance at each venue was restricted according to the government's 'social distancing' guidelines, and anyone could watch it live on Facebook and YouTube of the Public Procurement Service.The competition was conducted with 70% expert evaluation + 30% online referendum, and the final screening was conducted through 5 experts + Gwanghwamun 1st Street. It was conducted by an on-site evaluation team consisting of 50 people from the National Evaluation Team.There was no opportunity for exhibition due to concerns over virus infection in the year, and I was happy to display products and promote them through this competition. Also, it was a more meaningful time to promote our company through online broadcasting.I think we were able to win the Gold Prize thanks to your interest and support. We will continue to work hard to become the best company that continues to grow.연합뉴스TV :

    date 21.05.13

  • 2020 Forum on Understanding Unmanned Mobility New Technology and Development Prospects

    November 20, 2020 Korea Science and Technology Competition co-hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT / Korea Research Foundation and the Korea Science FoundationI attended the main program 'Unmanned Mobility New Technology and Understanding Development Outlook FORUM'. CEO Lee Ki-sung personally spoke on the theme of "The Case of Defense Drone Development Linked to Public Innovation Procurement." The speaker's video has been recorded and will be sent out in December (YouTube, Zoom, etc.), so please pay a lot of attention.(Topic name: Meeting drone innovators)

    date 21.05.13

  • [Minister of Science and ICT Award] Awarded New SW Product Minister Award

    We won two ministerial awards in recognition of the excellence of 'GCS-2000' products in the embedded SW category of the New SW Product Awards, the best SW product award system in Korea.From now on, we will be NES&TECH that develops and grows constantly in related fields.

    date 21.05.13

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